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I went there one summer, to visit a few old friends, to try to see as many neat animals as I could, and because it was winter there and too hot and boring to spend all that good time in Chichibu.


Was different from what I saw in Karate Kid 2. Really beautiful water. Hot as hell in March (there were even fireflies out then).

New Jersey

It's a lot nicer than most people seem to expect. I grew up there + go back from time to time

Fukushima - the Five Colored Ponds

It's from from anywhere, but I managed to go there twice. when Mt. Bandai last erupted it made lots of small craters - with chemical deposits that turned the water in all the small ponds odd bright colors.


They put their churches in the weirdest locations: on narrow ledges way up on mountains far away from the towns, or down narrow pathways far away from the towns, between big rocks at the edge of the sea. The waiters were always very friendly, but they never seemed to like it when I tipped them.

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