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Kagoshima is just above Okinawa.  It has 2 big peninsulas, a lot of islands, and one of the world's most active volcanoes - spitting smoke and plumes of black ash up into the sky often enough that walkways in Kagoshima City are covered over, and some people carry umbrellas to keep the sediment off of themselves.

They have small cone shaped cups to drink their sweet potato liquor from, so that you can't set them down - unless you've drunk everything.

But then they always get refilled. Aren't those the kind of insistently drunk people that you want to surround yourself with?

The people there tend to be old and poor, or one of the 2 taken to the extreme. It is a very pretty place, and the water in the bay is as warm as an old bath ...but  the volcanic ash gets in your eyes and teeth and it can rain 33 days a month.

postcard material 003
Sunset beyond Ibusuki
storm blowing in
takasu sea shrine
sakurajima - smoke #1
wandering twillight by the sea
the view from kamikawa bridge
screaming bird shrine
shallow stream deep wood
Nejime Plum Trees - Spring
Nejime Plum Trees 2010
paintings february 010
early september in kanoya 011
early september in kanoya 009
aira sanryo
aira sangyo early fall
Kaimondake Sunset Set
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