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Nagano -

Nagano is something like Chichibu, except it's mountains are far more imposing, it doesn't have nearly as many old statues and temples scattered about, and it's far enough away from Tokyo to have warranted the development of its own - nicer cities.

Because it has its own urban centers, the young people have less reason to move away and never come back (as in Chichibu).

If you go there in the fall for any length of time, you'll find yourself on the receiving end of many many apples. If you go cycling + don't head uphill, you will probably spend hours looking at apple orchards.

I lived in Suzaka - the old capital of the prefecture, for half a year, then moved to Komoro - a city which may have fallen into horrible disrepair when they moved the Shinkansen Train line out of the city, ...or perhaps it was always an ugly dump..

zakata jinja
the night
komoro lane
a rainy end
change - all encompassing
fuganji 004
fuganji garden
fall pond at night
dusk - fall - suzaka
ibaragi bus tour 096
ibaragi bus tour 110
one other weekend in june b 015
ibaragi bus tour 065
green is humming - fish dance
one other weekend in june c 010
one other weekend in june c 006
the 1st day
suzaka 1
paintings early march 023
somebody else's garden
red roof temple suzaka

Towel (as in, "turned in")

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