河童 ・Kappa

Kappa are creatures from Japanese folklore said to be responsible for mysterious drownings. Potential victims can be saved by showing reverence for a kappa & bowing deeply - as the bow is always returned, water will spill out of the creature's crown, rendering it powerless.

河童 ・Kappa

From this angle a goldfish can be seen struggling to survive in the remaining shallow pool of the Kappa's crown.

河童 ・Kappa

A wall-mounted recycled paper sculpture with epoxy resin, acrylic coloration, a pointed cardboard beak, and ping-pong ball eyes measuring: 22 x 24 x 23 Inches

A Specter of Care

A recycled paper skull, the exterior with snippets of "fortune cookie wisdom" and notices denying health insurance in 16 languages. The text in the eye sockets reading "eat and eat and EAT your own."

Kotora/ 小虎 (Little Tiger)

Kotora is an idiomatic expression in Japanese implying alcoholism. Made with junk mail, scraps of fabric, ping-pong balls, paint & wire. (Approximately 99% found & recycled materials (by volume).)

A Cat on Fire

I have a yellow cat that doesn't have a tail. I was also on fire once. Made with junk mail, wire, discarded paint & nail polish.

Best Friend

Since the little yellow cat is the central protagonist in "the Woods" the primary antagonist ought to be a dog. Dogs are "man's best friend". And it's never your enemy that betrays you. Made with junk mail, wire, polymer clay, and discarded paint.

One of These Days
Red and Blue Tengu - 赤天狗と小天狗

These are creatures from Japanese Folklore, said to protect forests and other important areas from disasters (and human encroachment).


A wall mounted/ floor sculpture made with polymer clay, discarded: concrete mix, paint, paper, wire, ping pong balls, & epoxy resin

The Long Necked Purple Thing

A 3-piece wall mounted sculpture made from discarded: cardboard, cement mix, wire, burlap, & paint. This character is also seen in the paintings - looking on as awful things happen to

Asterion / the Minotaur

It seems a shame to be lost in dark places & not have a minotaur make an appearance.

The Thing That Loomed Above it All
An Interloper

Made with junk mail, ping pong balls, and paint

Monarch of the Swamp

Most of us would think we are safe while we're up on land, but these terrible things can (and do) get everywhere!

The Squish Beast
the Giving Tree

There is a Shel Silverstein book by the same name which has been read to almost all children, everywhere, for decades. It needs to stop. The little boy in that book took everything it could from the tree and the tree was happy to be reduced to a stump, “because it loved him”. This is a textbook abusive relationship; it is a terrible thing to teach children to emulate. The tree in this sculpture isn’t having any of that. It keeps its fruits hidden as an “animate” noose curves around to surpr

Crocodile Tears

Are Predators ever "really" sorry?

the Elephant in Every Room

This is a sculpture of an elephant waving a tiny flag, whilst trampling on a much larger one. (I'm still not sure if this is too subtle.)